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At the Value Place, you can actually start making huge savings. This extended stay hotels chain group helps you to get exactly what you need to make your travel comfortable – clean rooms, affordable prices and impeccable services. Their lodgings provide you complete comfort with the best luxuries you can get at these budget rates. Their remarkably low weekly prices are a thrill to look out for!

At the Value Place, they actually believe in getting you proper value for your money. That is why they bring you some great deals with meticulous cleaning standards, complete focus on your comfort, privacy and tranquil ambience, and the just-right prices as well! No matter what you choose to stay at the Value Place for, this one has got all the right amenities in

store for you. They bring you things like dresser and nightstand, dining table with chairs, sofa, color TV with cable, full-size refrigerator with freezer, two-burner stove, vending machines, on-site laundry facilities, coffee table, microwave oven and lots more!

Apart from all the above amenities, you can get some additional services at very small fees. This includes utensils, dishes & cookware, linen service, high-speed internet, coffee maker, and additional housekeeping. They give you some good accommodation options like studio rooms and single or double studio rooms as well.

European Vacation

Amsterdam Flower Market

Amsterdam: Tulip capital of Europe

Paris: most visited place in

Madrid: the heart of Spain

Barcelona: a colorful city

Venice: well known for its hospitality.

American Classics

Amusement Park at Dusk

Anaheim: home of Disney & family fun

Washington DC, the capital of the USA

Baltimore: crab cakes galore!

Philadelphia birthplace of the USA

Galveston: astonishing place to stay.

Famous Beaches

Atlantic City in the Evening

Atlantic City: Casino paradise

N. Myrtle Beach: family destination

Daytona Beach is a beautiful beach city

Long beach: sun, surf and sunset

Panama City Beach: relaxing FL beach

Canadian Greats

Wintery Slopes in Banff

Banff: in the Canadian Rockies

Whistler: a dream Canadian resort

Montreal: Canada's french province

Vancouver: 2010 winter Olympics

Niagara Falls: honeymoon capital

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